Ep. 3 - The Real Thing (Does Weed Help Creativity?)

Ep. 3 - The Real Thing (Does Weed Help Creativity?)

Does cannabis make you more creative, or just make you feel like it does?

What makes someone opt to get high versus doing other things that are naturally rewarding?

Josh Weil, my good friend and freshman year roommate tries to help me remember what those early days of smoking were like – when every high carried so much potency, and seemed to put me at my creative peak. In hindsight, while we had a lot of laughs, I'm not sure the musical stylings of our dorm room band were quite as genius as I thought at the time.

Josh also relates his knowledge of resistance flexibility and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which posits an interconnectedness of muscle groups, organs, and psychological/emotional/spiritual traits, linked by meridians or energy pathways throughout the body.

We talk about the importance of avoiding temptation and the desire for "the Real Thing" – i.e., being content in our bodies, with other people who feel good in theirs, having a good time and helping each other get better.

Josh also relates how his sleep seems to be impacted by smoking late at night, and how his Heart Rate Variability is measurably negatively affected the next day.